Our Video booth offers you the option of an open or enclosed booth. We have either traditional backdrops or use of our green screen. We also offer Flip books. We charge a flat fee that includes everything and an attendant is always there to run the booth for your guests. One very unique offering we have is that we can use pictures/video from your ceremony with our green screen. While we are filming your ceremony, we capture some images and/or video and with green screen technology, your guests can Photo bomb you.

We use professional HD video cameras and professional microphones. We always mic the groom and whomever is presiding over the ceremony (priest/pastor etc). Additional mic’s may be used for readings and other spoken words during your ceremony.

It usually takes from 4-8 weeks to complete your wedding Video.

This is a personal choice and depends on your budget. One camera is better than nothing; however I always recommend at least two. Having at least two cameras allows for multiple shots and angles. The basic rule of thumb is the more the better. Obviously three cameras will allow for more options in shots such as reaction shots, crowd shots etc. Again, it all depends on your budget.

Absolutely not! We film in a non-obtrusive style using a zoom. Nothing is more annoying than your videographer of photographer just a few feet from you while you’re getting married.

Hiring a videographer to create you a wedding video is becoming common place. One thing I always ask couples is, would they watch their great grandparents wedding video if there was one? Of course we all would say yes. Think of how fun it would be to see that!
Wedding videography not only captures your wedding day but it preserves it for generations to come. I always say pictures are worth a 1000 words but video is priceless. Only in video are you able see and re-live the parts of your wedding day and wedding reception.

That of course is a matter of opinion but here are a few tips to help you choose a wedding videographer.
• Make sure whomever you choose specializes in wedding videography. I can tell you from 10 years of experience that a proven wedding videography expert is critical. Just because someone is a professional videographer or film maker does not mean they know the first thing about how to capture a wedding. It takes years of experience to know the nuances of wedding videography.
• Another important factor is what style of editing you like. Editing a wedding video is like a painter painting a picture. Someone may like Picasso’s style while other prefer Bob Ross (I love Bob Ross by the way). My point is that whomever edits your video, has a style unique to themselves. You should make sure whatever samples you like will be edited by the person who edited that particular sample. – See more at: http://neweraproductions.net/f-a-q.htm#sthash.ZbBddPAv.dpuf

We want to insure that we provide you with the highest quality wedding video. Sometimes that means using lights. The most common use is during the reception. Many venues are romantically lit (dark). We may use lights so that your video doesn’t have noise (little spots of color moving around), so everything is crisp and clean. We understand that you want romantic lighting, so we only use the lights if it’s ok with you and only when absolutely needed. I have filmed many wedding in low light without lights that have turned out great.

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